I Am Blessed – Chords


C/D     G           C/D  G    C/D  G

I am blessed,                 I am blessed,

G7/B   C    Em7/B    Am7  D7        GM7   Abº7  Am7

Every  day   that    I   live       I am blessed.

C/D       G         C/D     G           C/D             G           G7/B    C

When I wake up in the morning,         ‘fore I lay my head to rest,

Cm/F      GM7     C/D           G         C/G   G

I am   blessed,         I am blessed.





******************************CHORD HELPS*************************



Chord Symbol                                               Fingering




G7/B                                                         (B)/ (B-D-F-G)

Em7/B                                                      (B)/ (B-D-E-G)

Am7                                                         (A)/ (C-E-G-A)

D7                                                            (D)/ (C-D-F#-A)

GM&                                                       (G)/ (D-F#-B)

Abº7                                                        (Ab0/ (D-F-Ab-B)


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