I Feel Jesus – Chords

Key C & Eb


Key of C


F/G    C       F/G               C        F/G

I feel Jesus,            I feel Jesus,

F/G   C   Bb A                 Dm    G

I feel Je-sus          in this place,

F          (raise F to F#)                C/G    Bb    A

Yes my soul does                       burn with-in      me,

Dm  F/G         C      F/C    C

I feel Jesus  in this place

Dm           G2 G  Em

Holy, holy, holy, holy

Asus A Dm

Holy, holy,      holy, holy

G2                C

Holy is the Lord



Key of Eb


Ab/Bb   Eb    Ab/Bb               Eb      Ab/Bb

I feel Jesus,               I feel Jesus,

Ab/Bb   Eb   Db C                      Fm   Bb

I feel Je – sus        in this place,

Ab         (raise Ab to A)                Eb/Bb  Db     C

Yes my soul does                            burn with-in    me,

Fm    Ab/Bb      Eb    Bb/Eb   Eb

I feel Jesus   in      this place


Fm              Bb2 B Gm

Holy, holy, holy,    holy

Csus C  Fm

Holy, holy, holy,     holy

Bb2 Bb       Eb

Holy is the Lord

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