I Want To Be Washed – Chords

Verse 1

Ab          Db/Ab Ab   Eb/G Fm7

That precious blood that flows fromCalvary

Eb   Db                 Eb/Ab Ab
Can make the sinner ho – ly.

Ab   Db/Ab  Ab   Eb/G   Fm7  Eb  Db
Come wash me clean, till every part of me

Eb Db            Db/Eb  Eb/Ab Ab G7(#5)
Is Yours and  Yours Lord on-ly

Ebm7                  Db
It’s been so long since I felt Jesus

Db/Bb   Eb/C Db   Db/Bb    Db/Eb Eb/Db Db/Eb   Eb/Db
Just    once  ag   -   ain, I want to feel       your       pre-sence.


Ab            Ab7/C               Db    Eb/C  Db/Bb
I wanna be washed in the blood of the Lamb

Eb         Eb7                        Ab
I need a cleansing from the fountain

Ab             Ab7/C                      Db      Eb/C Db/Bb
My soul is hungry I’ve got this aching with – in

Ab                   Eb                   Ab
I wanna be washed in the blood of the Lamb

Verse 2

Ab       Db/Ab   Ab      Eb/G   Fm7
How oft’ I cried when far   away from     You

Eb        Db                         Eb/Ab  Ab
My heart would catch a glimpse ofCal  -  vary

Ab     Db/Ab Ab       Eb/Ab    Fm7
Remembring nights down   on my knees in prayer

Eb         Db            Db/Eb         Eb/Ab  Ab   G7(#5)
I cried, “Lord, here I am, please use      me.”

Ebm7          Db
A fool was I to ever leave You

Db/Bb Eb/C  Db/Bb Db/Bb      Db/Eb     Eb/Db Db/Eb  Eb/Db
Please take   me    now,     oh God, you  know   I        need     You


Ab Bbm Ab     Gb Ab Bbm    Ab   Eb7  Db   Eb7   Db Ab Bbm Ab

On    the blood of   Je -   e  -  sus;    oh  the blood   of    Je – e – sus



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