What Do You Think About Jesus Medley – Chords


G                                                     G7

What do think about Jesus, He’s alright,

C7                                                   G    C/G

What do think about Jesus, He’s alright,

G                                         G      Gb  Em

What do think about Jesus, He’s al – right,

G/D                D7                      G     C/D going to (1)

He’s all right; He’s all right; He’s all right     F F# going to (2)




G                              F F# G                                            F F# G

He’s God on the platform;             He’s God back at the door,

G                              G7

He’s God in the amen corner; and He’s God all over the floor,

C7                                                     G

*I know God is God, and God will never change,

C7                        D7               G                F F# G going to (2)

I know God is God, and Jesus is His name.                C/D going to (1)




He’s God in the Father; He’s God in the son,

He’s God in the Holy Ghost, and all these three are One,*



You can read the bible; you can read it through and through

You’ll find there’s only one God, You’ll not find the other two,*

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